Irish men ranked ugliest in the world by dating site

Irish men ranked ugliest in the world by dating site

DESPITE people around the world swooning over Belfast heartthrob Jamie Dornan, one website has controversially branded Irish men as the ugliest in the world.

Dating website revealed its most and least attractive countries this week – and Irish men came bottom of the list.

The website works by getting users to upload a picture of themselves and then letting existing users vote on how good looking they think they are.

If a picture is voted ‘beautiful’ by enough members of the community, it is given the green light.

But even though actors like Dornan, Colin Farrell and Michael Fassbender are regular fixtures on sexiest men lists, on this site less than one in ten Irishmen are deemed handsome.

Conversely, Irish women emerged as the ninth best-looking nationality on

Founder of the dating site Greg Hodges told The Irish Mirror that Irish men need to put more effort into their profile pictures to stop “pulling the country down”.

“Irish women have moved up the beauty rankings and deservedly so but Irish men are still pulling the country down overall,” he said.

“Irish men would fare better if they put more effort into their profile pictures.

“A topless selfie shot in a seedy room or an image of them at the pub, pint in hand, does not go down well with women. Men are not just selling themselves, they are selling a lifestyle.”

Irish men also came bottom of the list in 2014.

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