Irish people show solidarity with 'refugees welcome' beach display

Irish people show solidarity with 'refugees welcome' beach display

Hundreds of people took to Dublin’s Sandymount Strand yesterday where they spelled out a welcome to those fleeing to Europe.

Over 500 people created a human 'refugees welcome' aerial photo, ahead of today's meeting of the EU Council of Justice & Home Affairs Ministers.

A number of NGO's were involved in the stunt, including the Irish Refugee Council, The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland and Oxfam Ireland.

They have called on the Irish Government to show leadership and be a strong voice in the refugee crisis,  to advocate for the rights of refugees and migrants at a European level.

They hope to encourage the EU to suspend the Dublin Regulation in Ireland and call on other member states to do the same.

They also called on member states across the EU to work together to develop a plan to provide safe and legal channels of migration and continue vital search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea throughout the winter.