Irish pub owner drops in on 77-year-old widower for pint of Guinness and a chat during lockdown

Irish pub owner drops in on 77-year-old widower for pint of Guinness and a chat during lockdown

AN IRISH pub owner surprised a long-time customer and widower with a pint of Guinness after dropping by for a chat during lockdown. 

77-year-old Matty has been a regular at Peggy Moore’s pub in Drogheda, Co Louth, for 65 years. 

Rarely a night would go by without the presence of Matty perched at the bar atop of his familiar stool.  

A popular fixture at Peggy Moore’s, Matty is a passionate GAA fan and someone capable of striking up conversation with just about anyone who walked through the door. 

As a widower, the pub has become something of a second home to him in recent times, providing craic and company for more than six decades. 

Yet with Ireland in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, Peggy Moore’s like all pubs has been forced to close while the country gets to drips with the deadly virus. 

Matty, meanwhile, like so many people his age, has been required to remain at home and maintain a safe distance from other people during this time of national crisis. 

It’s a situation that has left him bereft of his friends at the pub – but they haven’t forgotten him. 

Keen to show his support for one of Peggy Moore’s best and most beloved customers, owner Glenn McGowan made it his personal mission to deliver a freshly-poured pint to Matty. 

Pouring what is likely to be the pub’s last pint for the foreseeable future, Glenn posted a video on the pub’s Facebook page paying tribute to Matty. 

It also captured the wonderful moment he dropped in on him, while sat on a bench outside,  with the surprise of a pint and some much-needed company and conversation. 

“Matty has been an amazing customer for 65 years,” the pub wrote on Facebook. 

“Nicest man you could meet. Matty has a serious grá for the GAA and is a great conversationist about all sport and the rare auld times.  

“Our doorman Conor walks him home every Saturday night. Matty knows what a local pub really is and what it means to people. Matty understands community spirit.  

“Matty knows a great pint of guinness & if any man deserves our last pint for now.... it's Matty! A true Irish gent. Matty... Go raibh míle maith agat!” 

A prime example of the kind of community spirit that will help Ireland through these dark times, Glenn’s kind act is also a reminder of the importance of keeping up appearances with the country’s elderly. 

Sláinte chuig na fir agus go maire na mná go deo!