Irish pub seeks Guinness and gin testers to ensure drinks up to standard ahead of reopening

Irish pub seeks Guinness and gin testers to ensure drinks up to standard ahead of reopening

A PUB in Ireland is on the lookout for a couple of drink tasters willing to sample their Guinness and gin stock ahead of a planned reopening. 

The family-owned Royal Meath in Navan put out an appeal on social media calling for a few helpful volunteers to try its Guinness and a new array of gins, free of charge. 

The post read: "Prior to reopening, we are looking for people to make sure our Guinness is up to its usual excellent standard and that our new gin menu is perfect! 

"We are looking for ten people to bring a friend for a free evening on us." 

The owners of the Royal Meath are familiar with the adage about drinking on an empty stomach too, which is why they are offering lucky participants a few samples of their new range of pizzas to help soak up the alcohol. 

Since posting the appeal on social media, the pub has, perhaps unsurprisingly, been inundated with offers from people willing to volunteer their services. 

Speaking to the Irish Independent, owner Michelle Gerathy explained the thinking behind the appeal for Guinness drinkers and gin lovers.  

"We are really excited about reopening but we are not going to open until October 1st because we want to make sure that things are just right," she said. 

"That's why we are looking for connoisseurs of Guinness and gin to help us out so we can be sure our products are of the same high standard that we offered six months ago before we had to close. 

"We want to make sure not only is the building compliant with all Covid practices but that the beverages are to a similar high standard. 

A family-run pub, the Gerathys have been a part of the Royal Meath for half a century – which is precisely the amount of time it might end up taking them to sift through all of the applications they have received! 

"We have had hundreds of applicants so far so there are obviously a lot of experts in gin and Guinness out there," Michelle admitted. 

The 10 lucky volunteers will be announced on Wednesday.