Irish Rail searching for owner of dog found on train to Dublin

Irish Rail searching for owner of dog found on train to Dublin

IRISH RAIL has launched an online appeal to help locate the owner of a small dog found all along on a train travelling from Sallins, Co Kildare to Dublin’s Heuston Station.

The cute young pup was found wandering the carriage all alone by a member of the public riding the busy 8:46am train from Sallins to Dublin.

It’s unclear as to whether the dog wandered onto the train, ran away from its owner or somehow became separated from the people it was travelling with.


The rail company has nevertheless taken to Twitter to appeal for help in tracking down the owner of the black and brown pup.

“Anyone lost their dog?” one tweet read.

“We have this little fella in Heuston. He was found on the 8.46 Sallins to Houston. Help us find his owner.”

Another tweet sent later read: “Our lost dog is sleeping soundly in Heuston right now but we’re still hoping to reunite him with his owner.”

A video has also posted showing the dog appearing content despite being separated from its owner.


An Irish Rail spokesperson told The Irish Independent: “As far as we know the dog was on the train alone and was found after disembarking the train by a member of the public.

“He was brought to the information by this eagle-eyed person.

"The little dog is being well looked after by two members of staff, one of whom works in a voluntary capacity with an animal rescue centre.

“We are currently getting someone to see if he is microchipped but would love toreunitee him with his owner as soon as possible. He hasn’t been given a nickname by us yet.

"The little dog is really feeling, ‘the love’ by members of the public on social media who really want to help us.”