Irishman living in China offers message of hope to millions living in lockdown

Irishman living in China offers message of hope to millions living in lockdown

AN IRISHMAN living in China has offered up a message of hope to the countless millions going through lockdown back in Ireland. 

The Emerald Isle remains in a state of lockdown as the authorities attempt to slow the spread of the lethal coronavirus. 

With the public only allowed out to the shops and for 30 minutes of exercise, many are beginning to already feel the strain of a life spent largely indoors. 

While such restrictions are a necessity at these times, a fellow Irishman living in China has offered a glimpse of what could be the future provided the public adhere to the rules. 

Though coronavirus is thought to have originated from the Far East, China is now in the process of returning to some semblance of normality. 


Following a prolonged period of lockdown, schools, shops and restaurants have gradually been reopening. 

And one Irish Twitter user based out in Asia has experienced, first-hand, what the return to normal life is like and what we can all hope for in the coming weeks and months. 

Writing on social media, Twitter user Number Theory666 said: "Tonight I went out for dinner with more than one person. This is the first time this has been allowed since early January. 

"Afterwards we got a few drinks. There were like seven of us. I nearly cried with happiness." 

He’s not the first Irish expat living out in China to offer words of encouragement for the future. 


Writing in the Facebook Group Corona Virus Updates Ireland, Mark Murray who lives lives and works in Jilin Province in China offered up his experience of living in lockdown while offering advice for anyone facing the prospect of self-isolating.  



On the subject of “staying in most of the time” he said: “It's boring for sure. But probably the fastest way to beat this thing and have it over with, is to avoid public places, especially indoors, unless really needed.  

“That's about it. I've never felt the need to panic. Binge watch your TV shows. Start trying different dishes to cook. Start a little project for yourself at home. Use this time at home to do something you wouldn't normally have time for.  

“Don't fight it, there is nothing to be fighting about," he added.

“The more you ignore it, the longer it will take to stop spreading. In turn, lengthening the lockdown. So just follow what is being said from the reputable sources, be smart, DON'T PANIC and it will be gone in no time. Stay safe Ireland!”