Irishman's song blaming Brexit on no-show voters is ruffling feathers online

Irishman's song blaming Brexit on no-show voters is ruffling feathers online

AN IRISHMAN who wrote a song bemoaning no-show voters in the EU Referendum has been ruffling feathers in Britain after it was played on BBC Radio 6.

David Flaherty, a recruitment consultant originally from Tuam in Galway, has lived in London for two years.

He wrote the song Snowflakes two weeks after Britain voted to leave the EU in June, inspired by the fallout which followed.

The keen musician is a drummer by trade but picked up the guitar last year and wrote the song as his first ever composition.

The lyrics tackle everything from the failings of the Remain campaign to David’s belief that millennials are more interested in social media than getting out and voting.

David recorded the song in November last year, whereafter he produced 30 CDs and sent them to a number of radio DJs across Britain.

The song was played this week by high profile radio DJ Steve Lamacq – the man often credited with discovering artists such as Coldplay, Oasis and Blur – on the BBC Radio 6 music show.

But some listeners didn’t exact take to David’s lyrics with one branding him a “d***head” for singing about ‘generation snowflake’.

The musician told The Irish Post: “I had a lot of conversations after the Brexit vote and I noticed that a lot of people were complaining about the result who didn’t actually bother to vote themselves.

“The result was a bit of a shock for most people living in London’s echo chamber and people quickly started blaming old people, Northerners or whatever. It’s silly.

“I didn’t exactly expect the song to get the reaction it’s got and it’s unfortunate that some people have taken it the wrong way.”

As well as sending CDs to radio DJs, David also made his song available on iTunes and Spotify.

He hopes that the lyrics might inspire people to think twice when they blame the result of the EU Referendum on other people.

“It’s a simple song, just an Irishman’s observation about Brexit Britain,” he said.

Listen to Snowflakes below...