‘You’re a useless father’ – Footage of Jeremy Kyle goading Irish guest into fight surfaces

‘You’re a useless father’ – Footage of Jeremy Kyle goading Irish guest into fight surfaces

FOOTAGE OF a male Irish guest being goaded into a confrontation with Jeremy Kyle on the TV presenter’s chat show has surfaced on YouTube.

The Jeremy Kyle Show was permanently axed by ITV this week following the suspected suicide of a guest just a week after he underwent a lie detector test on the show.

It sparked widespread criticism of the series for pitting relatives and friends against each other, with many questioning the treatment and care of participants on the show.

This newly uncovered YouTube clip centres on an Irish couple who appeared on an edition of the show in 2014 titled: ‘I’ll prove I’m still sleeping with my husband behind his girlfriend’s back!

In the footage, the man at the centre of the dispute is read the results of a lie detector test her underwent with his current girlfriend and ex-wife.

The results appear to indicate he has been continuing a relationship with his previous partner, sparking another argument between those onstage.

Rather than attempt to calm the situation, however, Kyle makes a series of incendiary throughout the segment that eventually get a rise out of the Irish male guest.

Having already told the man’s girlfriend she would be an “idiot” to stay with him, Kyle then mockingly refers to the man as “Spice Boy” when reading out the results.

His most explosive remark comes later when Kyle tells him: “You’re a useless father”.

It’s enough to see the male guest jump up from his seat onstage and attempt to physically confront Kyle over his comments in shocking and difficult to watch scenes.

Security guards prevent him from reaching the host, but the incident makes for ugly viewing with the Irish man escorted off stage, still angry at what Kyle said.

The footage chimes with some of the criticism offered up by a former crew member who branded the show “exploitative” and “manipulative” in an interview with Metro.

They said: “For Jeremy Kyle specifically, having experienced it, I think it’s all about entertainment, and making the show as entertaining as possible at all costs, and there’s very little thought for the people who actually take part in these programmes.”

The Jeremy Kyle Show was permanently cancelled following the suspected suicide of guest Steve Dymond.

Dymond was found dead in his bedroom just days after his appearance on the show.

During his appearance, the 63-year-old reportedly fell to the floor crying after failing a lie detector test that said he’d been unfaithful to his fiancée.

In a message left for his son, Carl Woolley, Dymond is said to have continued to uphold his innocence over the cheating allegation.