Joe Biden is 'more divisive' than Donald Trump, according to latest poll

Joe Biden is 'more divisive' than Donald Trump, according to latest poll

A RECENT poll has suggested that Joe Biden is more divisive a president than Donald Trump was.

Following victory in last year's election, Biden pledged to be a leader who would govern for all Americans and "who seeks not to divide, but to unify."

But a recent survey shows that he's dividing Americans more than ever, and failing to unify disillusioned opponents of his, even more so than he predecessor.

On Wednesday, Biden addressed both Houses of Congress to mark the first 100 days of his administration, stating that America is "turning peril into possibility," and "crisis into opportunity."

But glancing at Biden's approval ratings, and a different picture is painted.

While 94% of Democrats approved of the new President's performance, only 11% of Republicans did.

By contrast, Mr Trump received 87% approval ratings from Republicans and 12% from Democrats at the same stage.

What this suggests is that Biden is doing more to alienate Republicans than Trump did to alienate Democrats - during his first 100 days in office at least.

The President's speech centred around getting America "moving again," following the pandemic, insisting that he would restore millions of jobs lost by the virus.

His speech was greeted by enthusiastic applause from Democrats but stony silence from Republicans.

The Republicans called the speech "the most radical socialist agenda in American history".

Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney tweeted: "The President says he wants unity, but it's impossible to unify America if you're only appealing to the liberal wing of your own party.

"Let's get back to the job of bipartisan governing -we are ready to work with him."