Jon Bon Jovi claims U2’s frontman Bono was 'beaten up by Orangemen' as a child

Jon Bon Jovi claims U2’s frontman Bono was 'beaten up by Orangemen' as a child

BONO’S CHILDHOOD was marred by threats of violence from Orangemen marching through his neighbourhood, according to rock star Jon Bon Jovi.

The New Jersey-born singer made the sensational claims during an appearance on the Armchair Expert podcast.

In a segment that saw Bon Jovi discussing how his upbringing influenced his songwriting the Living On A Prayer star contrasted his formative years with those of the U2 frontman.

“Bono is probably right at my age, he’s a couple of months older I think. His upbringing was obviously very different than mine,” Bon Jovi said.

“I never had the Orangemen walking through my neighbourhood saying, you know, get the Catholic kid and beat him up.

“You know I didn’t have any of that kind of turmoil in suburban New Jersey when you had a wonderful middle-class upbringing with two hard working parents. So, of course, you’re writing the happy anthemic song.”

Fans weren’t buying Bon Jovi’s claims though.

“I'd say the nearest Bono ever came to an Orangeman was when he met Take That at the BRIT Awards,” one sceptic wrote on Twitter.

Another joked: “I can only assume Bono grew up in Willy Wonka’s Factory and the Oompa Loompas really hated his guts because he certainly didn’t live anywhere near the sash & bowler hat Brigade.”

Bon Jovi’s claims do appear to be at odds with Bono’s upbringing.

Born Paul Hewson, the U2 star grew up in north Dublin.

While is father was Catholic, Bono’s mother was a protestant while the area of Dublin he grew up in is not thought to be in close proximity to an Orange Lodge.

Bono also attended Mount Temple Comprehensive School, a multi-denominational secondary school in Clontarf.

It is worth nothing that, while Bono has spoken about the Troubles in the past and played a role in helping formulate peace in Northern Ireland, he has never suggested he was a victim of such attacks.

Bono has yet to respond to the claims made by Bon Jovi.