Katie Hopkins reveals Tweet to Welsh rugby player got her banned from Twitter

Katie Hopkins reveals Tweet to Welsh rugby player got her banned from Twitter

FAR-RIGHT COMMENTATOR Katie Hopkins has revealed details of the Tweet that ended up getting her permanently banned from Twitter. 

The former reality TV star was permanently suspended from the social media platform after breaking its rules on hate speech. 

Her ban stemmed from an online altercation with Welsh rugby player Ahston Hewitt. 

It began when Hewitt, who plays for the Dragons, tweeted that “Katie Hopkins is f****** toxic” in response to one of her previous tweets mocking the Black Lives Matter protests. 

She tweeted: "Today is #whiteoutwednesday. I will shortly be posting a picture of my a***. Thank you." 

Responding to Hewitt criticism, Hopkins said: “Am I? He better be hung like a baboon…#katiehopkins.” 

Twitter subsequently shut down Hopkins’ account, which has over one million followers, over a violation of its rules on hateful conduct. 

Hopkins revealed the content of the Tweet on her Instagram page, where she defended the response as a reference to the hit BBC sitcom “Blackadder”. 

Hopkins said this was the post that Twitter banned Hopkins for as it violated their rules against hateful conduct. 

"Essentially, someone made a reference to myself of a sexual nature involving the f-word and in response, I said, 'Oh he better be hung like a baboon, i.e. he better be hung like a donkey',” she wrote. 

“It's actually a script-reference from Blackadder,” she continued. 

“Many of you will remember 'hung like a baboon' from Blackadder.” 

Hopkins’ departure from Twitter has been welcome in Ireland, following previous comments made by the outspoken media personality. 

Back in 2016, Hopkins famously locked horns with Irish TV presenter Angela Scanlon during an interview for BBC Three series Close Encounters 

Describing herself as the "Jesus of the outspoken" during the interview, Hopkins warned Scanlon "I'll be very offensive to the Catholic people of Ireland".  

She went on to question whether or not we have Marks and Spencers in Ireland.  

"As the Jesus of the outspoken I think it's important that I spread my messages whilst I'm still here on earth and one of those messages could be, never wear a legging," she said asking, "If you buy a legging from, say, Marks and Spencers. Do you have Marks and Spencers?"  

Unimpressed Scanlon replied, "Yes, we do.  We also have electricity."  

"So, you're almost civilised but you also like potatoes," said Katie, at which point Angela fired back "We also have manners as well, usually built in..."  

Hopkins then questioned why Scanlon chooses to live in the UK.  

"You've come to live in England because... you like it better?"  

"No, I don't like it better," retorted Scanlon as Hopkins said, "So go home then."  

Scanlon had the final word, however, explaining that the UK simply "pays better".