'Nothing is gained with violence and so much is lost' - Pope Francis condemns US Capitol riots

'Nothing is gained with violence and so much is lost' - Pope Francis condemns US Capitol riots

POPE FRANCIS has condemned the violent scenes witnessed in the US Capitol. 

Speaking in an interview with Italian broadcaster Mediaset, the Pontiff described how he was left “astonished” by the unfolding scenes broadcast around the world. 

Reflecting on the riots, which led to the deaths of five people, The Pope said that even "in the most mature reality, there is always something that doesn’t work, people who take a path against the community, against democracy and against the common good.” 

Pope Francis said, “Thank God this exploded” into the open “so it can be seen, so it can be remedied.” 

Commenting on the rioting and violence itself, the leader of the Catholic Church said it “must be condemned, this movement, regardless of the people” involved. 

Pope Francis urged America to learn from the scenes witnessed last week. 

“No population can boast of not having one day a case of violence,” he said. 

“It happens in history. But we must understand well, so as not to repeat it, learn from history, learn that groups...that are not well integrated into society, sooner or later will have these eruptions of violence.” 

Earlier that day, during remarks delivered from inside the Apostolic Palace, Pope France said that  “violence is always self-destructive,”and appealed to a “high sense of responsibility” among leaders to “calm souls” to prevent further unrest. 

“I offer an affectionate greeting to the people of the United States, shaken by the recent siege of Congress,” he said.  

“I pray for those who lost their lives, five (persons), in those dramatic moments.” 

“Nothing is gained with violence and so much is lost,” the Pope continued. 

“I exhort the authorities of the state and the entire population to maintain a high sense of responsibility with the aim of calming souls, promoting national reconciliation and safeguarding the democratic values rooted in American society." 

Pope Francis also confirmed plans to receive the vaccine against Covid-19 once the Vatican's vaccination schedule begins this week.