Liam Neeson ‘cannot wait’ to see Donald Trump voted out of office

Liam Neeson ‘cannot wait’ to see Donald Trump voted out of office

LIAM NEESON cannot wait to see US President Donald Trump voted out of office after witnessing his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ballymena actor has spent lockdown at his home in New York State and knows he is “very, very lucky” to not be facing the financial worries of many Americans.

Neeson lays the blame for much of what is unfolding in the US squarely at the feet of Trump.

"I'm aware I'm very, very lucky. I have a house that's been paid off, I have a few acres I can walk around in, I have a swimming pool, a good gym and a screening room," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"There are millions of Americans with no job, who don't know where their next pay cheque is coming from.

"Many of them don't know where their next meal is coming from, courtesy of Donald Trump.
I don't lay all the blame at his feet, but I do lay a hell of a lot of it."

The Northern Irish actor revealed he has spent much of lockdown reading – he’s read 31 books since the pandemic began – and has also taken up power-walking to stay busy.

"I live in the countryside, so I'll go for power walks,” he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"I have my two sons, now 24 and 25. And I have always found pleasure just from books."

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Speaking in an interview to promote his new action thriller Honest Thief, which has already topped the box office in the US, Neeson admitted his years are catching up on him.

But while he avoids “all the Tom Cruise stuff” when it comes to stunt work on his movies, he still has to stay fit an active given his status as Hollywood’s top action hero.

"If you're playing the lead in films, whether there's fight scenes or not, it does require a certain stamina,” he explained.

"You work 11 to 13-hour days, and if you're the lead you're there every day.

"It's beholden to you to have stamina. The crew certainly do."

Neeson has made no secret of his disdain for the President, previously describing Trump as an “inept, gross abomination of a man”.