Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson backs Birmingham pub bombing enquiry

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson backs Birmingham pub bombing enquiry

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT leader Jo Swinson has added her party's voice to a campaign being led by the families of victims of the Birmingham pub bombings.

Ms Swinson was responding to the increasing number of prominent supporters who back the bombing survivors' quest for a public enquiry into the pub blasts in the city on November 21, 1974.

She told The Irish Post:  "It has been 45 years since 21 people lost their lives and more than 200 people were injured in the IRA bombings of the Mulbury Bush and the Tavern in the Town in Birmingham.

"That is far too long for the families of the victims to receive the answers they deserve."

And in an unequivocal statement designed to reassure campaigners, she said: "We would support an independent public inquiry into what happened on the night of 21st November 1974."

Julie Hambleton, who lost her 18-year old sister Maxine in the blasts, warmly welcomed the East Dunbartonshire MP's pledge.


Now the campaign group, 'Justice for the 21' have secured cross-party backing, from the Conservatives' West Midlands Mayor Andy Street to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as reported last week.

However, Ms Hambleton warned about complacency from politicians.

"What we want to follow from these words are actions, so that they are not just empty words. It is now time for actions to follow, and we will be expecting them to deliver."

Ms Swinson’s backing comes amid her general election campaign, which saw her visit St Albans in Hertfordshire over the weekend

The country will go to the polls to vote in the general election on Thursday, December 12.