London to Dublin routes sold out as Irish fly home for gay marriage referendum

London to Dublin routes sold out as Irish fly home for gay marriage referendum

AIR routes between Britain and Ireland are completely sold out for today, as the poll open for the gay marriage referendum.

Eligible voters in Britain have been making their way home to use their vote in the referendum – with groups such as Get the Boat 2 Vote, Change Ireland and We’re Coming Back helping in every way possible.

Dublin Airport came to a standstill last night as hundreds of Irish emigrants returned home to cast their vote – with Ryanair’s routes from Gatwick, Stansted and Luton completely sold out for both yesterday and today.

Early bird voters have done their democratic duty on the way to work – as the polling stations opened at 7am this morning. They will remain open until 10pm tonight, with the count expected to continue into Saturday.

Today’s landmark gay marriage referendum comes just 22 years after homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland.

Meanwhile in London, the Irish who could not make it home showed their support for the yes campaign by attending a photo opportunity organised by #BeMyYes in Jubilee Gardens on Wednesday night. The group inlcuded Dublin actor Andrew Scott, known for his work on BBC sereis Sherlock.

Elsewhere, the Trustees of the London Irish Centre have stated their support for a yes vote for gay marraige – “to end the discrimination faced by same-sex couples” when it comes to equal rights in marriage.


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