Major Irish artists plan online gigs to raise funds for child protection charity ISPCC

Major Irish artists plan online gigs to raise funds for child protection charity ISPCC

MAJOR IRISH artists are planning to work together to stream gigs online to raise funds and awareness for Ireland's national child protection charity ISPCC.

The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) have reported a massive rise in calls to their helpline, Childline, since the country went into effective lockdown, with countless children now unable to leave an abusive household for the safety of school or youth clubs.

The ISPCC had highlighted this terrible consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak in multiple social media posts since the effective lockdown, stating "with schools closed because of #COVID19 it means some children are home in unsafe environments".

Images accompanying the posts hold the sombre message "No safe space. No escape.", with the charity urging people to donate so that the children's helpline remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (You can donate to the ISPCC here).

The ISPCC has assured people that the charity will always be available to help every child and young person, but have admitted that public funds are crucial in these unprecedented times.

Wicklow musician and global star Hozier yesterday took to social media to announce that he and other "fantastic artists" would be performing a series of online streams to raise money for the vital service the charity carries out.

He said:

"As the lock down is a particularly difficult time for children in unsafe situations, myself and a few fantastic artists will be doing a series of streams for @ISPCCChildline."

Referencing the sobering news that calls to the charity's helpline have tripled in the last week alone, Hozier said that the charity gigs would go on for seven nights at 7pm each evening, and that he would kick things off this Friday, 27 March.

The ISPCC thanked Hozier and praised the other artists, who have yet to be named, for making "sure children always have somewhere to turn".

"This will make such a difference for children at this critical time".

To visit the ISPCC website, learn more about the work they do, volunteer or donate, you can follow this link.