Man arrested for stabbing aunt’s dog to death and cutting it in half with a chainsaw

Man arrested for stabbing aunt’s dog to death and cutting it in half with a chainsaw

A MAN has been arrested for the murder and dismemberment of a dog in an act one official has described as the worst isolated case of animal cruelty in living memory.

Jonathan Bulluck was taken into custody by Wilson County police in North Carolina after stabbing his aunt’s dog, Tigger, to death before cutting him in half with a chainsaw.

The 23-year-old stands accused of stealing the brown bullmastiff from his aunt’s house, beating it unconscious, stabbing it to death and then bisecting the animal’s lifeless body.

Speaking to The Wilson Times, Sheriff Calvin Woodard called it “the worst, isolated case of animal cruelty I can recall.”

“The suffering that dog endured… it was something out of a horror movie,” he said.


Mr Bullock’s aunt informed police she had returned home from work on Friday, January 24 where her nephew, who was staying with her, said Tigger had jumped on a two-year-old also staying at the house.

She told the sheriff’s office that she checked on the child in question but could not find any injuries.

Her nephew nevertheless warned his aunt that he “would’ve killed the dog” if he had been present when the incident occurred.


The next day, she woke to find Tigger missing.

Recalling her nephew’s threats, she tried to contact him by phone but was unable to.

Tigger’s body was eventually found in a shallow grave by police and family members searching for the much-loved canine.


It was quickly determined that he had been beaten and sawed in half.

According to The Wilson Times, police have so far been unable to locate one half of the dog’s body.

Mr Bulluck has been charged with felony animal cruelty and felony larceny of a dog. He had been handed a $20,000 secured bond

“This pet had the right to be home, not stolen, suffering and killed.” Sheriff Woodard said.

“The offender showed total disregard to his family and their love for Tigger.

“I hope that peace and comfort will one day be obtained by the family who had to endure this tragic loss.”