Man starts controversial meat-eating club in response to coworker’s vegan-only club

Man starts controversial meat-eating club in response to coworker’s vegan-only club

A MAN, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sparked fury in his workplace after starting up a meat-eating club in the office. 

The only problem? He created it in direct response to another coworker who set up a vegan-only club in the workplace. 

Now, said vegan employee is refusing to speak to him and it’s all gotten a bit awkward. 

The meat-loving male opened up about the drama on Reddit’s "Am I the A--h---" subreddit. 

According to his version events, the drama started when one of his colleagues set up a vegan dinner club. 

Any and all coworkers were invited to come along, provided they followed a vegan, vegetarian or pescatarian diet.  

He said that a poster promoting the club said some  “will not be able to join the club,” as part of what the founder called a “statement of purpose”. 

Evidently angry at being left out, the unnamed male employee got together with a few other meat-lovers to create their own dinner club. 

The idea was harmless enough: each week they would sample a burger or steak at a new local restaurant. 

As an extra caveat, they made it clear the group was for meat-eaters only. 

It evidently riled a few meat-haters out there, with several members of the office’s vegan club filing a complaint which HR. 

Despite their best efforts, however, the meat club ended up being approved. 

The only problem now is that the woman who founded the vegan club “refuses to talk” to Mr Meaty. 

Taking to Reddit, the unnamed barbecue enthusiast was evidently expecting some sympathy – but not many did.
One critic said his actions were akin to creating  a “whites only” club in response to one for minorities, or a “hetero only” club to go alongside an  LGBTQ+ group. 

“A minority wants a club to get to know other members of that minority and share experiences,” the commenter wrote. “Nothing wrong with that. You’re only being excluded in the most banal of meanings of that word.” 

Others didn’t get “the logic” of the vegan club excluding non-vegans. 

Some even blamed HR. 

“Now generally I would say two wrongs don’t make a right so you countering their group with yours was petty but HR should have never allowed exclusionary clubs,” one said. 

“Be the bigger person and open your group up to anyone, what difference would it make? And you’ll make the vegan club look bad.” 

This could rumble on and on.