Manchester-Irish crime boss to receive £80k in damages for childhood rapes

Manchester-Irish crime boss to receive £80k in damages for childhood rapes

A MANCHESTER gangster is expected to be awarded £80,000 in damages for sexual abuse he suffered as a child in one of the city’s borstals.

Domenyk Noonan, a member of the city’s notorious Irish crime family, was released from Strangeways prison this week after serving time for gun possession.

He has since told Irish investigative journalist Donal McIntyre that he has been offered £62,000 (€75,000) by "UK authorities" investigating allegations of child abuse in Manchester care homes.

But he will "hold out" for £83,000 (€100,000)  he told the Dublin-born journalist, who is responsible for television programmes A Very British Gangster and At Home With The Noonans - which have focused on Noonan and his family.

In an article for Ireland's Sunday World McIntyre explained that the gangster told him about the "multiple rapes" that he endured as a child at a care home in the city.

In the documentary A Very British Gangster Noonan also claimed he sought his revenge against his abusers over a ten-year period.

“I caught up with every one of them and gave them worse than they gave me. In the end, they wished they had not lived,” the 49-year-old, whose family hails from Dublin, said.

Despite heading up one of Britain’s most notorious criminal families and spending much of the last decade in prison, Noonan this week claimed he will run for election as a Manchester MP.

He plans to hit the campaign trail for Blackley and Broughton, the seat currently held by Labour's Graham Stringer, he revealed after being released on parole on April 18.

He will campaign for "better private security so people can get help to their homes quickly, and for more youth clubs", he added.