Meghan ‘thinks she’s in a movie’ and spews ‘delusional bilge’, says Piers Morgan ahead of bombshell TV interview

Meghan ‘thinks she’s in a movie’ and spews ‘delusional bilge’, says Piers Morgan ahead of bombshell TV interview

PIERS Morgan emerged from the twitter trenches this morning to blast the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for what he calls their "endless victimhood tour", referring to their recent interviews with talk show host Oprah Winfrey and comedian James Corden.

It’s no secret that the Good Morning Britain host isn’t a fan of the former royals, who now reside in a $14.7m (€ 17m) Los Angeles mansion.

What gets Piers’ goat about the couples’ recent – and still unaired – Oprah interview is, he says, that it “is going to be Oscar-winning deluded self-serving bilge", in which the Duchess calls her in-laws, the Queen and Prince Philip, “liars”.

His harsh rebuke of the couple’s conduct comes hours after a provocative snippet of their Oprah interview, airing at 9pm on Monday on ITV, was released.

In the clip, Meghan accuses the Royal Family of "perpetuating falsehoods" and says "there's a lot that’s been lost".


Following his initial post, Piers tweeted: "Let's be very clear: the new clip from Oprah's whine-athon with the Sussexes shows Meghan Markle directly calling the Queen and Prince Philip liars.

"They are the heads of 'The Firm'. And she's done this as Philip lies seriously ill in hospital.

"It's an absolute disgrace."

This outburst is the latest in what is unfolding into a week-long tirade against the couple by Piers – in the wake of revelations that the Duchess of Sussex, 39, allegedly bullied staff while she was a working royal at Kensington Palace.

The incendiary allegations, first reported on by The Times, maintain that Meghan drove two personal assistants out of the household and undermined the confidence of a third.

Meghan unequivocally denies the allegations.

Piers, 55, said Meghan and Harry need to take their "hypocritical halos" off the air as they have finally "cracked".


During GMB yesterday, he described the bullying claims as "disturbing" and suggested that the public backlash is "karma".

He said: "It seems that if you rattle a cage enough, eventually the cage rattles back" - and said the allegations make for "very devastating reading".

Co-host Susanna Reid agreed, and said: "Well, it's very clear - as you said in your opening statement - that if you're going to launch an attack and make a lot of criticisms then whoever is at the other end of that is going to fight back."

And fight back they have – the Queen has taken the unprecedented step of green-lighting a palace investigation into claims that Meghan bullied palace staff