More than £5m in funding announced for organisations serving Irish community in Britain

More than £5m in funding announced for organisations serving Irish community in Britain

NEARLY £5.4million in grants have been announced for 105 organisations serving the Irish community across Britain.

The annual Emigrant Support Funding allocations - provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to those community groups, charities and centres that offer vital services for the country’s Irish community – were revealed today by Diaspora Minister Colm Brophy.

For 2020, the allocation is predominantly focused on those “providing frontline support for those most in need and promoting a vibrant Irish community in Britain as well as providing for immediate needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic”.

Minister Brophy explained: “I am delighted to announce the Government’s contribution to the Emigrant Support Programme for over 100 organisations in Britain.

“In addition to this ongoing support, we established the Covid-19 Response Fund to help welfare and community organisations meet the immediate needs resulting from the pandemic,” he added.

“Since taking on the role of Minister of State for Overseas Development Aid and the Diaspora in July 2020, I have had the opportunity to speak with a wide range of organisations in Britain,” he explained.

“What has been clear from these conversations is that the response of the Irish community in responding to the challenges posed by Covid-19 has, and continues to be, remarkable.

“I know that many organisations came together on a regional basis and have been assisted by volunteers from the wider Irish community to deliver this vital support.

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Irish community for their efforts over the last few months in identifying and responding to the needs of our communities in Britain at such a critical time.”

Here is the full list of the 105 organisations who receive funding and their allocation...


Organisation                                                                                       Funding (£)

Acton Homeless Concern Emmaus House and The Damien Centre 25,000

Aisling Return to Ireland Project                                                        107,000

Ashford Place                                                                                      163,500

Bell Farm Christian Centre                                                                  7,000

Benefit Advice Shop, The                                                                    2,000

Benevolent Society of St Patrick, The                                                 5,000

Birmingham Irish Association                                                             231,120

Bolton Irish Community Association Social Club Limited                   8,000

Brent Centre for Young People (Brent Adolescent Centre)               19,500

Brent Irish Advisory Service                                                                119,100

Brian Boru Club                                                                                   11,687

Causeway: Ireland Scotland Business Exchange                                15,000

Ceann Creige Hurling and Camogie Club                                            2,200

Conradh na Gaeilge Glaschú                                                              42,650

Conradh na Gaeilge i Londain                                                             4,500

Corby Young at Heart Luncheon Club                                                9,000

Coventry Irish Society                                                                         65,500

Derby Saint Patrick's Day Celebration Committee                             2,600

Edinburgh's Festival of Ireland                                                           1,500

Emerald Centre, The                                                                           52,000

Emerald Circle Club                                                                            4,000

Emerald Senior Citizens Group                                                           4,000

Feith an Cheoil School of Music                                                         7,500

Fréa (formerly the Irish Northern Partnership)                                  35,000

Friends, Families and Travellers                                                         50,000

Golden Shamrock Club                                                                       8,500

Green Curtain Theatre                                                                        2,556

Greenwich Irish Pensioners Association                                            4,200

Gypsies and Travellers Wales                                                             15,000

Halifax & District Irish Society                                                            6,000

Haslingden Davitt Irish Democratic League Club                               4,000

HCYC                                                                                                   10,000

Huddersfield Irish Centre                                                                   4,000

Huddersfield St Patrick's Day Parade Association                              4,500

IIBN - Irish International Business Network                                       25,000

Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy (ICAP)                             156,400

Irish Chaplaincy                                                                                  247,000

Irish Club Warrington                                                                         6,438

Irish Community Care                                                                         292,740

Irish Community Care Manchester                                                    158,500

Irish Community Services in Greenwich, Bexley & Lewisham            201,000

Irish Cultural Centre, Hammersmith Ltd                                            151,000

Irish Democratic League of Great Britain                                           3,700

Irish Elderly Advice Network                                                              125,400

Irish Film London                                                                                30,000

Irish Heritage Limited                                                                         7,500

Irish in Britain                                                                                     400,000

Irish in the UK TV, The                                                                        10,000

Irish Literary Society                                                                           4,300

Irish Music and Dance in London (IMDL)                                           21,000

Irish Pensioners Choir                                                                         5,000

Irish Pensioners Forum of East London                                              5,000

Irish studies workshop                                                                        3,000

Irish Tuesday Club                                                                               7,500

Jersey Irish Society                                                                             4,525

Kilburn Irish Pensioners                                                                      1,500

Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange (GATE)                                     45,600

Leeds Irish Arts Foundation                                                                38,000

Leeds Irish Centre                                                                               10,000

Leeds Irish Health and Homes                                                            186,000

Leeds St Patrick's Day Parade                                                             10,000

Leicester and Leicestershire Irish Forum                                            25,000

Leicestershire GATE                                                                            25,000

Lewisham Irish Community Centre                                                    79,550

Little Ireland Arts Collective                                                               1,500

Liverpool Irish Centre                                                                         42,200

Liverpool Irish Festival                                                                        11,500

LONDON GYPSIES AND TRAVELLERS                                                  81,000

London Irish Centre                                                                            465,000

Luton Irish Forum                                                                               125,500

Manchester Irish Education Group                                                    1,200

Manchester Irish Language Group                                                     640

Mansfield & Dukeries Irish Association                                              6,800

Maya Centre, The                                                                               22,735

Milton Keynes Irish Centre                                                                 11,250

Monica's Place Limited                                                                       20,000

New Horizon Youth Centre                                                                 30,360

NOAH Enterprise                                                                                50,000

North Wales Irish Society                                                                   3,500

Northampton Irish Support Group                                                     45,000

Nottingham St Patrick's Day Parade and Festival                              5,500

Passage 2000                                                                                      35,000

Portsmouth Irish Society                                                                    5,850

Safe Start Foundation                                                                         56,500

Sandwell Irish Society                                                                         34,500

Sanktus                                                                                               25,000

Sheffield Irish Association                                                                  2,205

SIFA Fireside                                                                                       14,500

Solace Women's Aid                                                                           35,000

South London Irish Association                                                          20,000

Southwark Irish Pensioners Project                                                   126,200

Southwark Travellers Action Group (STAG)                                       40,000

St Mungo's                                                                                          10,000

St Thomas More Roman Catholic Church                                          700

Strange Fish Theatre Company                                                          2,000

Traveller Movement, The                                                                   140,000

Troubles, Tragedy & Trauma                                                              3,000

Tyneside Irish Centre                                                                          16,000

Tyneside Irish Cultural Society                                                           31,775

Wake The Beast                                                                                  2,500

WEST HAMPSTEAD WOMEN'S CENTRE                                              8,000

Women’s Irish Network London                                                        7,600

York Irish Association                                                                         3,250

Young@Heart                                                                                     580

1916 Rising Centenary Committee -Scotland                                    1,500


TOTAL                                                                                                 £5,380,763