No coronavirus deaths in Northern Ireland for seven days in a row

No coronavirus deaths in Northern Ireland for seven days in a row

NORTHERN IRELAND has recorded a full week in a row with no coronavirus deaths.

The six northern counties appear to be successfully eliminating the virus from the  community, as this is the second time there has been no deaths for seven days running-- however the number of newly confirmed cases reported yesterday was slightly higher than normal.

23 new cases of the virus were announced by the Northern Ireland Department of Health yesterday, however the reason for the rise in figures is likely due to the delay in reporting over the weekend-- the figure of 23 cases and no deaths relates to the weekend rather than just one day.

According to data from the Department for Health, there are currently 7 inpatients being hospitalised for Covid-19 in Northern Ireland, and one person in intensive care.

The number of deaths remains at 556, unchanged for a week running; 5,857 people have tested positive for the virus in the six northern counties so far.

In the Republic, days of a steady rise in cases which caused Phase 4 of the reopening of the economy to be pushed back has been dropping in the past two days.

Yesterday, for the second day in a row there were no new deaths relating to the virus, and just six new cases identified in the community.