No new coronavirus deaths in Northern Ireland

No new coronavirus deaths in Northern Ireland

NORTHERN IRELAND has recorded yet another day with no deaths from coronavirus.

In what is becoming a regular occurrence, Northern Ireland's Department of Health have confirmed there have been no deaths relating to coronavirus in a 24-hour period.

Four further cases of the virus have been identified within the community as of 2pm today, 8 July, bringing the total to 5,765.

A total of 554 people are confirmed to have passed away from Covid-19 in the six northern counties, a figure which has remained unchanged for five days-- the longest stretch with no deaths since the pandemic began.

There are currently no patients in intensive care with the virus in any hospitals in Northern Ireland, raising hopes that the country is well on the way to eradicating the disease.


“I don’t want to minimize the impact of coronavirus on individuals, families and nations around the world," Mr Mick Mulvaney told the Sunday Politics programme.

"But let’s face it, Northern Ireland has done a really, really good job, in large part because all of the government has been able to work so well together."

The news comes after the United States Special Envoy to Northern Ireland yesterday praised the Stormont Executive for working together and doing a "really, really good job" in tackling the pandemic.

In the Republic, after two days in a row with no deaths, one further person was confirmed to have passed away with the virus as of 6pm yesterday evening, 7 July; today's figures are expected to be announced later today.

Citizens in the Republic of Ireland have been asked to download the new Covid-19 track and trace app, which will assist in identifying close contacts of a confirmed case.

The app, launched yesterday and which has been downloaded over 800,000 times, can be found here.