Non-alcoholic nightclub opens in Co Kerry

Non-alcoholic nightclub opens in Co Kerry

THE first non-alcoholic nightclub on the emerald isle is opening tonight in Tralee, Co Kerry.

The aptly named Virtue Club is offering punters an alternative to booze fuelled nights out, where teetotallers, or people who just don’t fancy a drink, can come and mingle among each other.

Those in search of some sober craic can register for membership online following its launch night last week.

Virtue Club already has a waiting list for incoming members, according to RTE.

The club, trying to carve out a niche in the as yet non-existent non-alcohol nightclub scene, is located on the old John Mitchels GAA grounds.

Organiser Lisa Curran told RTE that her own experiences of social anxiety inspired her to create the club.

"Personally, I wanted an alternative because I came on a huge journey with my own mental health. Finally, as an adult, I got a diagnosis of autism and ADHD," she said.

"I found when I went out that the peer pressure was always there and sometimes to just get rid of the peer pressure, you’d end up having a drink and regretting it the next day, especially when you’re on good medication that keeps you feeling really positive. It would throw it all off for a few days," she added.

Ms Curran first muted the idea on social media to see if their was a market for the alcohol-free venue, and has since been inundated with interest, RTE reports.

Fellow organiser Ger O’Sullivan said that nights will initially be held once a week, but as interest grows, he hopes that a nationwide expansion is on the cards further down the line.

"Long-term, I would love to spread the brand out. I’m just blown away completely by people from all walks of life," he said.

"I come from the generation of the No Name Club and there’s nothing like that anymore so there was an opening," he added.