Notorious 'anti-Black Lives Matter' racist dies after being hit by fire engine

Notorious 'anti-Black Lives Matter' racist dies after being hit by fire engine

A WOMAN who was filmed racially abusing Black Lives Matter protesters has died after being struck by a truck on Tuesday.

41-year-old Rachel Ruit was hit by a fire engine from the Asheville Fire Department in North Carolina the day before.

Police are investigating the incident though reports indicate that they believe there's nothing suspicious about her death and that it was likely just an accident.

The woman gained notoriety after her racist tirade towards a number of Black Lives Matter protests went viral.

She was heard yelling the 'N' word among a number of other insults and slurs.

"Touch me n*****. Touch me and you go to jail. Touch me b****!" she yells at protesters in the clip.

An eyewitness to Ms Ruit’s death took to Twitter to give an account of her final moments.

"Some of you probably saw the video of a white lady near the Vance Monument screaming “Ni**er, Ni**er” seeing as how the video went viral on Facebook," Jonathan Rowell wrote.

"I just witnessed the same lady from that video accidentally step out into traffic on Patton Avenue, going towards downtown Asheville, as she was walking with traffic coming from behind her… the Asheville Fire Department truck that you see in the background is the vehicle that she stepped out in front of.

"There were over a dozen bystanders that had come to see what was going on…and then there was 1 lady who was praying out loud & I mean praying very intensely…begging God to please let this lady survive…

"And that 1 person was the Black lady standing right in front of me in this picture. Praying & praying & praying and in tears for coincidentally the same woman who was yelling the N-word with such hatred in her heart. Just sayin."