It’s official: Irish women have a sexier accent than English, Scottish and Welsh ladies

It’s official: Irish women have a sexier accent than English, Scottish and Welsh ladies

IT’S official – women from Ireland have the most attractive accent in Britain and Ireland.

In a survey by an online dating service, Irish women came out on top as having the ‘sexiest’ voices in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

The study of over 750 people also saw Irish lads voted as having the third most attractive accents.

They lost out to Scottish men, who claimed 24 per cent of the vote, and the ‘posh’ English lilt, which claimed 20 per cent.

Irish women beat out the ‘posh’ accent to second place, while Geordie women were voted as having the third sexiest voices in Britain and Ireland.

The West Country brogue – which is often stereotyped as a ‘farmer’ or ‘pirate’ accent – came bottom for both sexes.

As many as 20 per cent of men and 17 per cent of women said that an unattractive accent would be enough of an issue for them to break up with someone.

“The Irish accent is unarguably sexy,” explained’s Christian Grant. “Why? It’s hard to say for sure, but we can make some logical guesses.

“First, there’s an incredible amount of variety in the accent for such a small country.

“The Irish are also incredibly inventive with their vocabulary; even someone who has a comprehensive understanding of the English language can have trouble keeping up sometimes.

“And finally, we can’t underestimate the influence of Irish celebrities. The Colin Farrells and Saoirse Ronans of this world fly the Irish flag in Hollywood.”

Here are the sexiest and least sexiest accents in Britain and Ireland…

Sexiest Female Accent

1. Irish (26%)
2. Posh (21%)
3. Geordie (14%)
4. Brummie (12%)
5. Mancunian (10%)
6. Other (10%)
7. Scottish (6%)
8. West Country (1%)

Sexiest Male Accent

1. Scottish (24%)
2. Posh (20%)
3. Irish (19%)
4. Mancunian (14%)
5. Other (10%)
6. Geordie (8%)
7, Liverpudlian (4%)
8. West Country (1%)