One in five Irish people 'very uncomfortable' with idea of returning to a pub

One in five Irish people 'very uncomfortable' with idea of returning to a pub

MORE THAN twenty per cent of Irish people say they're very uncomfortable' with the prospect of returning to pubs once they begin to reopen next week.

The country will begin its transition into Phase Three on Monday with the government looking to reopen a number of businesses and services again in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

While many of us are understandably keen to get back to the bars, a survey by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) indicates that a significant number of us are less excited by the prospect.

21.3% of those surveyed said they'd be 'very uncomfortable' to return to a pub so soon, and that figure rises to almost 40% if social distancing was reduced from two metres to one.

There's less concern however with the prospect of going to a restaurant, with just 12.9% of those surveyed saying they would feel 'very uncomfortable' visiting one with the two metre social distancing rule in place.

This figure rises to 28.7% with a one metre social distancing rule.

Pubs in Ireland will be allowed to reopen on Monday, but only if they can offer a 'restaurant-style' service and can provide customers with a 'substantial meal'. Pubs who don't offer this will remain closed until July 20 at the very least when Phase Four is due to begin.

During Phase Four, indoor gatherings of up to 100 people will also be permitted.