Paul McCartney actually thought a bottle of whiskey cost €2

Paul McCartney actually thought a bottle of whiskey cost €2

WHEN IT comes to footing the bar bill, it sounds like Beatles legend Paul McCartney gets by with a little help from his friends.

Celebrities live in another world, far away from the toils and trouble of everyday life.

It comes from being supremely wealthy and not having to worry about making ends meet from day-to-day.

Or something like that at least. The bottom line is this: most celebrities probably couldn’t tell you the price of a pint of milk.

Or, in the example of McCartney, they don’t seem to have a clear grasp of the price of whiskey.

Evidence of that was offered by the Beatles legend’s official biographer and close friend Barry Miles.

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During a recent interview with The Express, Miles recalled how McCartney wasn’t exactly your average bloke in the street.

He didn’t know how much things cost. Especially whiskey.

“I remember just a few years ago when I was at his studio, he asked one of the roadies to go out and buy him a bottle of whisky, because he had people coming over, and he gave him £2,” Miles said.

“And the roadie said, ‘Well it’s gone up since then Paul.’”

With the average bottle of 70cl whiskey €12-15, it would appear McCartney hasn’t been to an off-license or even the bar, in a very long time.

Help! He needs somebody…to teach him about how much a dram costs.