Paul McGrath has branded Conor McGregor a bully for his comments made toward Irish comedian PJ Gallagher

Paul McGrath has branded Conor McGregor a bully for his comments made toward Irish comedian PJ Gallagher

FORMER MANCHESTER FOOTBALLER Paul McGrath and Conor McGregor have engaged in a Twitter spat, where the former Irish footballer branded the UFC icon as a 'bully' for comments he made about Irish comedian PJ Gallagher. 

For context,  last week an American sports host included the former two-weight world champion in her list of 'Top five British fighters'. Gallagher made light of the situation and remarked: “Normally this kind of thing winds me up but they can have this lad.”

McGregor who loves a tweet decided to have a go at radio presenter for comments made with him mocking his attempts to promote positive mental health campaigns.

The Crumlin native in a series of deleted tweets said: “@pjgallagher you little sad pox of a thing,”

“Sit up right and smile for a change will you, you sad c*** hahahaha and you’re crying in the paper bout depression, posture like a prawn.”

“Sad b******. I am Ireland. There’s blood on my flag useesoo”.

Excuse me!", responded Gallagher

"It took years of hard work and awkward walking to get the posture of a prawn. I am delicious!”

On Sunday McGregor then tweeted a picture of a bloodied UFC fighter Donald Cerrone with the caption: “Pj walking home,” which was retweeted by Gallagher along with the words “a threat?”

Gallagher has opened up on more than one occasion about his struggles with mental and health and depression over the years.

The 47-year-old received a wave of support from people online after the McGregor messages.

One of those people who leapt to his defence was Ireland legend Paul McGrath.

McGrath tweeted: Pj take no notice of bullies, you’re loved by everyone. Whatever you do don’t let him get the better of ya pal, stay well. Top Man.”

McGregor decided to aim a dig at the Ireland legend calling him an 'Englishman'

Paul, you English man!, said McGregor in a deleted tweet.

McGrath responded to this by saying: “Conor you need to find GOD and when you do knock on my door I will have the kettle on for ya… my good friend."

McGrath later confirmed that that his fellow Dubliner blocked him on the popular social media app

The saga rumbles on.