People of Doonbeg ‘hope to God' Donald Trump wins US election

People of Doonbeg ‘hope to God' Donald Trump wins US election

THE PEOPLE of Doonbeg are calling on help from a higher power to ensure Donald Trump wins a second term as US President.

Trump is a massively popular figure in the County Clare village thanks, in no small part, to the hotel and golf resort he built there.

It’s estimated that the resort generated somewhere in the region of 400 jobs for the local area – 300 at the resort and a further 100 in the local area.

The President has ingratiated himself with locals too, even going as far as basing himself at the resort during a diplomatic trip to Ireland in June 2019.

While there, Trump and his family met with locals, posing for photos and even pulling pints of Guinness in a local pub.

It’s part of the reason why publicans like Tommy Tubridy have come to the under-fire leader’s defence and are even praying he wins again.

He told the Irish Mirror: “I hope and pray he wins. He is a decent fella who has got a lot of negative press both here and in America. All the media is against him.

“All I know is the Trumps are decent and honourable people. His two sons Eric and Don Jnr are a credit to him and are in and out of here anytime they are in town.

“There is no nonsense with them. They are two down-to-earth boys who have supported everything in the community, from the GAA team to the drama festival.

“The people here love the Trump family.”

Retired businessman Liam Ryan echoed those sentiments, recalling a meeting he had with the President during his last visit to Doonbeg.

He told the newspaper: “I helped bring a group of local schoolchildren up to meet him while he was out playing golf and he was fantastic with them.

“Trust me, he is not the man they are trying to portray in the media.”

Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump during their 'pub-crawl' in Doonbeg (Image: Getty)

Tubridy isn’t the only one seeking help from up above in helping Trump win again.

Michael O’Doherty who works in the health industry and hails from Doonbeg also told the Irish Mirror: “I hope to God Trump wins.

“He and his family have done huge amounts for Doonbeg and constantly work with the local community.”

It’s not the first time the people of Doonbeg have enlisted the help of God when it comes to Trump.

Irish priest Joe Haugh, who passed away earlier this year, previously backed Trump to “ascend to Heaven” one day because of his efforts in creating jobs in the local region.

“Anyone that does that for any place is worth respect,” he said.