Petrol-diesel mix-up — Circle K launches investigation

Petrol-diesel mix-up — Circle K launches investigation

AN Irish service station issued an apology to almost 90 motorists who unwittingly put diesel into their petrol cars last weekend.

The mix-up occurred after a petrol storage tank at the Circle K service station was mistakenly filled with diesel by a supply tanker.

Up to 87 customers at the Kill North Service Station in Kildare were affected by the incident, unknowingly filling their petrol tanks with diesel between 2pm and 7pm last Saturday.

Circle K said that its pumps were immediately closed off once they became aware of the "isolated incident", while both a dedicated hotline was set up for affected customers and an investigation was quickly launched to establish how the mistake had occurred.

In a statement the retailer said:  "All petrol pumps at this service station were impacted by an isolated incident where diesel was inadvertently delivered into a petrol underground storage tank.

"Having reviewed CCTV and sales data, we know up to 87 customers may have been impacted by the issue.

"As soon as the issue became apparent, petrol pumps at the forecourt were immediately closed and Circle K launched an investigation to establish how this occurred."

The retailer also confirmed that the issue has since been resolved, with all pumps at the forecourt now back in operation.

It also promised to "assist impacted customers to resolve any issues as quickly as possible", and added that they were on standby to "assist them with any potential claim".

According to the AA, motorists who put diesel into their petrol cars can be hit with a range of problems.  However, permanent damage can be avoided once the fuel is drained out.