Pierce Brosnan revealed as the deadliest James Bond of them all

Pierce Brosnan revealed as the deadliest James Bond of them all

PIERCE BROSNAN has been revealed as the deadliest James Bond of them all with an on-screen kill count no other 007 actor can rival.

That’s according to Bond in Numbers, a new research project in which all 24 official James Bond films were closely analysed to try and find the best 007 of them all.

The number of villains killed, romantic liaisons, units of alcohol consumed, casino visits, catchphrases spoken, guns fired, gadgets used, and cars driven were collated in the study.

Brosnan amassed the highest body count as Bond, with the Irishman seeing off 135 bad guys during his stint as 007.

His debut outing, Goldeneye, also ranked as the deadliest film in the franchise with Brosnan dispatching an impressive 47 bad guys over the course of the film.



Brosnan’s Bond wasn’t the biggest drinker of the bunch though with Daniel Craig’s incarnation coming out on top in that particular sub-category.

Craig averaged around 21.25 units of alcohol per Bond film.

Casino Royale his booziest, with the English actor consuming 26 units.

Bond’s drink of choice was also, surprisingly, found to be champagne, not his iconic vodka martini, while he only said the catchphrase "shaken, not stirred" 12 times throughout the franchise.

That’s compared to 25 outings for “Bond, James Bond” across the 24 films.

Elsewhere, Moonraker ranked as the Bond movie with the most gadgets while Diamonds are Forever and Quantum of Solace boasted the most cars, with 007 driving four in both films.



Bond has also bedded a total of 58 women during his time on film.

Sean Connery’s You Only Live Twice and Roger Moore’s A View to a Kill both had the most, with Bond enjoying four romantic liaisons in each.

Other fascinating facts from the franchise include the origin of the Walther PPK, how to make a proper vodka martini, and Sean Connery’s brush with death on the set of Thunderball.

To view Bond in Numbers, visit: https://blog.betway.com/casino/bond-by-numbers/