‘Play your part’: Labour urges Irish in Britain to register to vote by midnight

‘Play your part’: Labour urges Irish in Britain to register to vote by midnight

THE British Labour party is urging all Irish citizens living in Britain to make sure they are registered to vote, ahead of the upcoming General Election.

The party has also called on British people living  in Ireland to cast their vote.

This year’s election is set to have bigger implications for Ireland than ever before, with Brexit top of the agenda for all the main parties.

Irish citizens living in Britain enjoy the right to vote in British general elections thanks to the ‘special relationship’ between the two countries.

But anyone hoping to have an impact on the result has until today (May 22) to have their say.


Potential voters are advised to visit https://www.yourvotematters.co.uk/can-i-vote/overseas for more information on how to register.

"We're calling on UK Citizens living in Ireland, and Irish Citizens living in the UK, to play their part in building a society of the many, not the few,” said Labour’s Dan O’Neill, the UK Labour International contact for Dublin.

“The Conservative Party's reckless handling of Brexit has not just undermined the future wellbeing of the UK economy, but it has also greatly jeopardised the wellbeing of the Irish economy and the relationship between our two islands.

"The UK Labour Party has articulated a better vision for society. One in which workers enjoy some security rather than being forced onto zero hour contracts; one which protects the right of those at work to have their say in their workplace.”

Mr O’Neill added: “A society which looks after its sick in a way that puts their dignity above profiteering. A society which makes sure firms who pay their bosses more than 20 times the wage of their lowest paid do not not get government contracts."


Once registered to vote, a person can elect to vote by proxy (nominate someone else to do it) or by postal vote.

The deadline for voters in Northern Ireland to register passed on the May 18, but Irish voters in Britain have until 23:59 tonight to have their say.

For more information on registering to vote click here.