Police officers make 'coronavirus rap' urging people to stay indoors

Police officers make 'coronavirus rap' urging people to stay indoors

POLICE OFFICERS have come up with a clever rap about coronavirus, urging people to stay in their homes during lockdown.

We all know that police officers put people *behind* bars, but spitting bars? Well this is a pleasant first.

Derbyshire police went viral over the weekend after a patrol car was filmed cruising a local street while blaring the ingenious lyrics from their speaker system.

"Yo," the rap begins, as one might come to expect.

"This is Derby police, don't be afraid, we come in peace.

"Got a message so listen up quick. Take our advice and you may not get sick.

"Stay at home whenever you can. Don't go out on the streets with your fam (short for 'family', but can also be used to describe one's friends, associates or 'crew').

"Don't walk around in two or more, or we'll come knocking at your door.

"Only go to the shop for essential things, like bread, milk, fruit and cheese strings," - (everybody knows rap-fans love cheese strings)

"Go stretch your legs, but only one time. Do as we say or you might get a fine.

"Please help us to fight this disease. Lots of love from your favourite PCs."

Sick - as the kids would say.

All jokes aside, the creativity shown by these officers is admirable, particularly when so many still seem to be flouting the lockdown guidelines.

If they can put their dignity on the line like this and be a little uncomfortable, for the greater good, maybe we all can too.

Stay at home, yo.