Pope Francis demands action to ‘end the pandemic of poverty’ after coronavirus

Pope Francis demands action to ‘end the pandemic of poverty’ after coronavirus

POPE FRANCIS is calling for world to take action to build a “more just and equitable society” once we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic. 

Speaking in Spanish in a video message created to mark the feast of Pentecost, the Pope called on world leaders and the public as a whole to act to “"end the pandemic of poverty". 

"Once we emerge from this pandemic, we will not be able to keep doing what we were doing, and as we were doing it. No, everything will be different," he said. 

"From the great trials of humanity - among them this pandemic - one emerges better or worse. You don't emerge the same. I ask this of you: how do you want to come out of it? Better or worse?" he added. 

The head of the Catholic Church called on people to open their hearts and minds to one another and learn the central lesson from the Covid-19 crisis that “we are one humanity”. 

People needed to open their minds and hearts to learn the central lesson from this crisis: "We are one humanity," said the pope. 

"We know it, we knew it, but this pandemic that we are living through has made us experience it in a much more dramatic way," he said. 

The Pope added that society now has a duty to create a “new reality” for the world. One that includes the poorest among us who were previously discarded. 

"All the suffering will be of no use if we do not build together a more just, more equitable, more Christian society, not in name but in reality," he said. 

The Pontiff ended the message by calling on everyone to take action to "end the pandemic of poverty in the world".