Pregnant Irish model attacked by pro-life campaigners after revealing support for abortion in Ireland

Pregnant Irish model attacked by pro-life campaigners after revealing support for abortion in Ireland

VOGUE Williams has come under fire from pro-life campaigners online, after weighing into the debate surrounding Ireland's upcoming abortion referendum.

The Irish public are set to vote on whether or not to repeal article 40.3.3 - known as the eighth amendment - which, since 1983, has given unborn foetuses and pregnant women an equal right to life.

Williams, who is pregnant with her first child, took to Twitter to issue a passionate plea to change the current legislation.

She said: "I am pro choice and always will be, even more so now that I'm pregnant. Women should have rights over their own bodies, let's get Ireland out of the dark ages."

The model and media personalities racked up plenty of response, both good and bad, with her post.

One user wrote: "Choice for you. Choice for baby. Fair's fair." While another asked: "And the developing baby girl in the womb... where are her rights?", while another chimed in: "Choice for you. Choice for baby. Fair's fair."

Williams then became embroiled in a debate with a Twitter user by the name of John, who tweeted: "Once your child is born, then you will begin to have second thoughts.

The 32-year-old presenter hit back though. "Stupid comment, John," she replied.

"My body will still be the same and I will still want to be in control of it. Something you'll never understand being a man with rights over his own body."

Another argument was soon sparked when a pro-life supporter accused Williams of being sexist in her approach to the issue.

"So should men not be allowed to vote at all, Vogue?" the woman asked. "That would be roughly 50% of the population. You might recall a time where women were not allowed give their opinions and not allowed vote.We have moved on from those sexist times. We are always striving for equality are we not?"

Williams gave the comments short shrift though.

"Laura you are truly boring me now! Yes I think everyone has the right to an opinion and yes I believe men should vote.

"And YES I think you're questions are STUPID!".

Williams is nearly five months pregnant with her fiancé, former Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews.

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews (Image: Getty)

The pair got engaged back in January, after Matthews popped the question during a backstage tour of The Lion King musical at London's Lyceum Theatre.