Revellers filmed singing and dancing arm-in-arm in packed Dublin pub despite coronavirus warnings

Revellers filmed singing and dancing arm-in-arm in packed Dublin pub despite coronavirus warnings

THERE ARE growing calls for pubs across Ireland to be temporarily closed after footage surfaced of a large crowd singing and dancing in a busy Dublin bar despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The widely-shared video, which was reportedly filmed in a pub in the Temple Bar region of Dublin, shows big group celebrating arm-in-arm with one another.

In the footage, the throng of revellers can be heard singing along to the song Sweet Caroline and the lyrics "reaching out, touching me, touching you".

It comes despite the Irish government previously encouraging the pub to adhere to social distancing measures advising against any and all mass gatherings in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Two people have died from coronavirus in Ireland, while 129 cases have been confirmed so far.

Clinical psychologist Mark Smyth was among those to condemn their actions.

“My kids have accepted that they can’t go to school, playgrounds, play dates, not happy but they accept it as necessary,” he tweeted.

“This lot take the piss and flaunt their irresponsibility & give 2 fingers to our healthcare staff & everyone.”

Gianluca Tettamanti echoed those concerns.

“An exact copy of the Italian behaviour two weeks ago when their situation started. My people went on as nothing had happened,” he wrote.

“2 weeks later, they've just passed 20.000 cases and more than 1.100 deaths. People. Please. Be sensible NOW that we're in time.”

Ireland’s health minister Simon Harris also spoke out against the people in the footage.

“Not far from here, nurses & doctors are working to prepare for the impact of a global pandemic,” he tweeted.

“Everyone is working 24/7. This is an insult to their efforts. There is very clear public health advice. Follow it. All options will be kept under constant review.”

People across Ireland are calling for pub closures alongside the hashtag #CloseThePubs with many arguing it is impossible for patrons to maintain the social distance recommended by health professionals.