Ryanair CEO say’s ‘no justification’ for quarantining UK visitors to Ireland

Ryanair CEO say’s ‘no justification’ for quarantining UK visitors to Ireland

RYANAIR CEO Eddie Wilson has said that there is “no justification” for UK visitors to Ireland having to quarantine due to Britain's successful vaccine rollout.

Mr Wilson also called for a complete end to air travel restrictions between the two countries by the end of May, as the reduction of people needing hospital treatment with Covid-19, as well as the amount of people that have been vaccinated, means that he believes hotel quarantining is no longer necessary.

"Thanks to the success of the UK's vaccine program, there is no justification for requiring visitors to Ireland from the UK (our major visitor market) to quarantine," Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson told RTE.

"The vast majority of the UK adult population have now received their first dose vaccination, and therefore pose no threat or risk to Ireland’s hospitals or health service," he added.

The cheap flight provider also said that as most of Europe is on course to providing 80 per cent of its adult population with first doses of vaccines by the end of June, restrictions on travel within the EU could also be lifted once that happens.

"Ireland's travel restrictions are now outdated, inappropriate and unnecessary for air travel to/from the UK, and the European Union, where successful vaccination programs have eliminated any risk to our hospitals and health services," Mr Wilson said.

The government has kept its cards close to its chest regarding when restrictions will be lifted, possibly to avoid disappointment if there are speedbumps in the road.

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said that he will be arguing for the lifting of travel restrictions between the UK and Ireland in the coming months but offered no specific date as to when this will happen.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin has also confirmed that Ireland will join the EU's digital green certificate system, meaning that travel within the union could be a reality by the end of  summer.

Reluctant to wait, Ryanair wants the government to take action sooner.

"It’s time our Government got the country and our tourism industry back to work, and we call again on Minister Eamon Ryan to action the Aviation Task Force Report he received in July 2020," Mr Wilson said.