Ryanair passenger’s hilarious standoff with airline over autocorrect error goes viral

Ryanair passenger’s hilarious standoff with airline over autocorrect error goes viral

A RYANAIR passenger’s extraordinary stand-off with the budget airline over a hilarious autocorrect error has gone viral online.

It all started when Wicklow resident Luke Bradley decided to book a flight to go and watch his beloved Manchester United in action against cross-town rivals Manchester City. Using the Ryanair app, Luke booked his flight over to Manchester for the big match.

However, after reviewing his purchase, Luke noticed his name had been autocorrected from Luke to Lukewarm.

Keen to correct the amusing Autocorrect error, he decided to get in touch with Ryanair in the hope that the name attached to the booking could be changed with little fuss.

Unfortunately, he discovered to his understandable horror that Ryanair were insisting he pay €115 to have his name changed to Luke.

A standoff ensued, with Luke steadfastly refusing to pay up in the hope that common sense would prevail.

It wasn’t long before one of his friends, Conor, got wind of the story and decided to highlight his mate’s plight on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Conor wrote: “Mate has been arguing with Ryanair all day because autocorrect changed his name from Luke to Lukewarm on their app and they want €115 to do a name change on the flight haha.”

The tweet soon went viral, with one follower highlighting the fact it would actually be cheaper for Luke to change his first name to Lukewarm using Deed Poll - £33 to be precise.

Luke has now returned to Twitter to highlight the issue further and ask for support and help from others on the social media platform.

It’s the first time he’s posted on Twitter in nearly two months and Luke is hoping that the tweet will convince Ryanair to change the name with little fuss.

Manchester United aren’t due to face Manchester City until April 24th, meaning there is plenty of time for Luke’s unfortunate autocorrect issue to gain traction online.

He’s even come up with his own hashtag for the campaign, #JusticeforLukewarm in the hope someone within the airline will see sense.

Ryanair has so far failed to respond to his tweet.