Seven in 10 Irish adults ‘would vote for a United Ireland’

Seven in 10 Irish adults ‘would vote for a United Ireland’

AN INCREASING proportion of the Irish public would be in favour of a United Ireland.

That’s according to new research compiled as part of a Lottoland survey for the Irish Mirror which shows around 70% of Irish adults are in favour of unification.

The Lottoland survey data suggests that, in the event of a referendum, every province would vote in favour of a United Ireland.

For example, 70% of respondents from Connacht and Ulster are in favour of unification while nearly 80% of 18 to 24-year-olds are in support of Unification.

By contrast, respondents aged 65 and over were the least supportive, with just 53% in favour of the idea.

The figures come just days after Sinn Fein’s Vice President, Michelle O’Neill , suggested a referendum on Irish unity would occur “within a short number of years”.

“People who were previously apathetic about a United Ireland are re-engaged, and people who would have been opposed to a United Ireland are now reconsidering their position,” she said.

Commenting on the newly-published findings, Lottoland Irish Country Manager Graham Ross attributed the shift in mood to Brexit.

“It was surprising to us to see how strong the ‘Yes’ or ‘Tá’ result come out with an Irish public possibly sensing a pivotal moment in Irish history,” he told the Irish Mirror.

“With Brexit now resembling the ultimate Lottery rollover, but without the life changing financial reward at the end of it, it’s clear that it’s going to take some balls and a lot of quick picks to deliver the winning numbers that lead to any possible referendum on possible Irish reunification”.