Sinead O'Connor retires from music (again) and exits social media

Sinead O'Connor retires from music (again) and exits social media

SINEAD O’CONNOR has announced her retirement from music for the second time in the space of a month.

The Nothing Compares 2 U singer previously announced her plans to quit performing ahead of the release of her new memoir, Rememberings.

A few weeks ago she revealed she would be releasing her final album, Veteran Dies Alone, in April 2022 without promotion and was cancelling her planned tour.

However, O’Connor subsequently went back on those plans and reaffirmed her commitment to continue performing and recording music.

Now the Irish musician has reversed that decision too.

Speaking via Twitter, O’Connor admitted she had been in two minds over whether to continue playing music but had now decided to move on to a new career as a writer.

She wrote: “This is to announce that having been in two minds about retiring I have now, in consultation with my medical team, and on their advice, decided to go ahead and retire so that I may now focus on my new career as a writer."

O’Connor went on to reflect on her ongoing battles against the far right movement in Ireland, reaffirming her support for the country’s immigrant population who she says she owes her “life and soul” to.

She went on to hit out at the actions of the far right in Ireland.

“Their online activities are demeaning and damaging to the people of Ireland,” she said.

“And to all foreign residents and visitors. And what is good for the goose is certainly good for the gander.”

Sinéad O'Connor performing on RTÉ's 'Late Late Show' (RTÉ / The Late Late Show)

She confirmed that Veteran Dies Alone will be released without promotion and that she would be closing down her social media accounts.

“I will be closing my Twitter page in the next few days to enjoy being a private citizen. And enjoy my new life as a writer.,” she wrote in one of her final tweets.

“I sincerely thank my fans for the love they’ve shown me down the years, as well as my co-workers. We’ve had a great adventure, now it’s time for the next one.”

O’Connor has signed up to write a weekly column for the Irish Independent after her autobiography garnered rave reviews.