St Patrick's Day Trees are the latest Irish craze

St Patrick's Day Trees are the latest Irish craze

CORONAVIRUS is a bugger isn't it?

I mean, threaten our health by all means, but our St Patrick's Day parades? Now it's gone too far!

Over a million people will now be without plans on St. Patrick's Day thanks to the nationwide parade cancellations.

Dublin and Cork announced they'd be cancelling their annual parades this week, and it's left us a little blue. But we prefer green here at the Irish Post.

So, given that we're not allowed to go out and celebrate on the 17th, we'll have to bring the vibrancy and pageantry of this most Irish of days to us instead.


Seeing as coronavirus has basically cancelled Irish Christmas, we've found the perfect remedy.

Christmas St. Patrick's Day trees are a thing, and they're unsurprisingly brilliant.

Emblazoned with glitzy green gizmos and adorned with either a giant shamrock or a classic leprechaun hat, they're Christmas trees done right.

Given that they're already green, half your decorating is done already, but in case you're feeling overly festive, feel free to grab a bunch of over-the-top borderline-offensive stereotypical jargon to really Irish it up.

You could even hide a couple of little bottles of Irish whiskey or cans of Guinness in there too - much more fun than candy canes!


The trend seemed to be popular in the States last year, and there's no reason why we can't replicate it here in Ireland, especially if we're all seemingly cooped up at home in isolation for the next few weeks.

At the very least, all the 'lucky' symbols might do our health some good amid all this virus nonsense.