Tayto have just released a Bacon & Cabbage flavour crisp for a limited time only

Tayto have just released a Bacon & Cabbage flavour crisp for a limited time only

WE'RE GUESSING someone, somewhere was asking for this-- we're just not sure who.

Ireland's favourite spud, Mr Tayto, is known for producing limited edition crisps in some fairly random flavours, which often prove a big hit (This writer will never forget the joy of coming across Spicebag flavour Taytos for the very first time).

At this point, it might seem that Mr Tayto has gone through every flavour-- Curry chips, Spicebag, hot wings-- even, once, a limited edition chocolate bar with cheese and onion crisp filling, which divided opinion.

But now Tayto have done it again, with the unveiling of two new super-Irish flavours-- beef stew and bacon and cabbage.

No photo description available. (Photograph: Londis Newcastle Foodhall / Facebook)

And, as always happens, the new flavours have divided opinion somewhat.

"All for a bit of bacon and cabbage but I think this is a bridge too far", one person wrote, while another person simply responded with a puke emoji.

"Beef stew maybe," another person wrote under a photograph of both new flavours on display in a shop, "but cabbage?"


It seems both flavours are available from shops across the country from today, as several stores have posted photographs of the new display advertising the limited edition crisps, and several people have Tweeted Tayto begging for free samples.

(Speaking of-- Mr Tayto, if you're reading this, feel free to send on a few packages of Bacon and Cabbage flavour to the Irish Post office!)