Four kittens, two of them dead, found in tied-up plastic bag along Dublin canal

Four kittens, two of them dead, found in tied-up plastic bag along Dublin canal

A HORRIFIED dog walker stumbled across four kittens in a discarded plastic bag on the edge of a canal in Dublin over the weekend, and sadly two of them were dead.

The bag, which was found on the edge of the water near Ashtown and Cabra, was mercilessly tied off, meaning the tiny cats were never even given a chance of surviving.

It's thought that two of kittens likely drowned after the bag was tossed into the river, but the two that survived were taken in by North Dublin Cat Rescue.

Posting to Facebook, the animal charity expressed their dismay at the sadistic act of cruelty.

"There really is some sick people out there. Our foster mammy Sharon was walking her dog Max along the canal near Ashtown and Cabra and he found a tied bag near the water's edge," the charity wrote.

"Sharon opened the bag to find 4 little kittens but 2 had already died-probably drowned. 2 were still alive and now safe with Sharon thanks to her dog Max. What is seriously wrong with people?"

Max with the two surviving kittens (pic: North Dublin Cat Rescue - Facebook)

Followers of the page were understandably outraged.

"So sad to hear about the 2 kittens. There Are some evil people in this world," one Facebook user wrote.

Another wrote: "Oh dear God, what a horrible thing to do to helpless innocent babies. Well done Max."

"Poor little kittens ... no need to do this, just surrender them to a rescue. Plenty people looking to have a kitten," said another.

Thanks to Sharon (and Max), the kittens are now safe and recovering from the horrendous ordeal.