This will be Ireland's last lockdown, Dr Ronan Glynn insists

This will be Ireland's last lockdown, Dr Ronan Glynn insists

IRELAND won't be going back into lockdown once restrictions are lifted later this year, Dr Ronan Glynn has insisted.

Ireland's deputy chief medical officer said a roadmap out of lockdown could be provided before the end of the month, but refused to commit to any promises.

Speaking at the Oirechtas Health Committee on Tuesday, Dr Glynn stressed that there were no plans to plunge the country back into lockdown, even if Covid-19 case numbers rise once public health measures are relaxed.

On Monday night, a number of restrictions were eased for the first time in over four months, including restrictions on travel and outdoor meetings.

More rules will be relaxed in the coming weeks, but the skeleton of Level 5 lockdown is set to remain in place in until late June.

While Dr Glynn ruled out another lockdown, he did warn of uncertainties regarding restrictions, and stressed that Ireland's timeline was far from guaranteed.

He noted that there are "understandable levels of fatigue" among the public, but that "we have more reasons to be hopeful now than at any other time in the pandemic."

"I understand that it will leave many of you frustrated but I will not speak on specific measures which may or may not happen," he said.

"I think the Government has already set out in its most recent update a number of areas we'll be looking at such as click-and-collect, non-essential retail, further easing of outdoor sports and training and measures like that.

"We'll look at the data and provide advice and even a potential roadmap at the end of the April.

"Clearly there is a need for a plan and for broad parameters as to when measures will ease. And I would hope that by that time, we'll be able to provide that six to eight week plan through the end of June or July."