Three youngsters arrested in connection to the Howth Junction incident

Three youngsters arrested in connection to the Howth Junction incident

THREE youths have been arrested in relation to a shocking incident at Howth Junction where a woman was knocked onto the tracks, gardaí have confirmed.

Investigations have been ongoing since the frightening incident took place last month, and following a number of extensive searches, officers made three arrests this morning.

Two 16-year-olds and a 13-year-old have been taken in on suspicion of violent disorder under the Public Order Act, 1994.

Security camera footage of the incident has been doing the rounds over the past week, and shows the terrifying moment a women, who is running to catch a train, is nudged by the bike wheel of one of the teenagers and falls over the platform edge, moments before the train starts moving.

She was pulled to safety by a number quick-thinking on-lookers while the youths can be seen making their escape during the panic.

According to Dublin Live’s source, the gang are from north Dublin and have been involved in a string of incidents similar to this since March 2020.

"They travel around Dublin looking to cause trouble, looking to start fights,” the source said.

"They beat up a girl out in Malahide followed by a boy there a few weeks later, this was before this attack at Howth Junction.

"The same gang have been terrorising people since last March and it's only a matter of time before someone is killed."

In the footage, the gang can be seen threatening and trying to push other people over as they run for the train.