Trinity College to drop the term 'freshman' when referring to students

Trinity College to drop the term 'freshman' when referring to students

DUBLIN'S Trinity College has announced a change in the way they refer to their students.

Chris Morash, the vice provost of Trinity College sent an email today which informed the campus that students will no longer be referred to as 'freshman' in a move towards gender equality.

First-year students were previously referred to as 'freshmen' with second years deemed as 'senior freshmen' however in the new move, people will be now known as junior or senior 'fresh'.

Morash wrote in the email that the change would include those across campus who may feel misrepresented: "this small but important change will ensure that all Trinity students are equally included by the language used to describe them, be they male, female, or of another gender identity."

Speaking to The Irish Post, one Trinity student who wished to remain anonymous commented on the news: "The general consensus of the people in the room was that it was a bit bizarre (because it came out of nowhere) and that freshman is already a gender neutral term because it isn't referring to male or females."

Upon receiving the email while on campus, the student pointed out how the gender-neutral bathrooms initiative which was proposed last year had been left relatively untouched: "...Some people in [sic]room saying that it was a low effort/no money way of dealing with something to look like they're doing something...

"I don't know how much is being done in the gender-neutral bathrooms they were talking about. Science building has one but it's always been a neutral toilet for as long as I've been in Trinity".

Another Trinity student, Jack Williamson had positive views on the decision undertaken by the university board: "I really do think it's a good move, I've come across, both online and throughout college, people mocking it; especially those pushing the sentiment "there's so many more important things to be done than changing Freshman to Fresh, are we going to change Human to Hu next?!?! >:("

Jack said the approved proposal was a step in the right direction for the university: "The university is obviously trying to move in the direction of gender equality and changing the word freshman to fresh is a small step that can be taken towards this goal, and it's one for the better. The term harkens back to a time were students were exclusively men, the term does not reflect the student body anymore...

He also praised the move in clarifying any potential gender deprivation in the future: "Obviously, there are bigger things you can do to impact on gender equality in a university eg. emphasising female academic staff hiring, advertising bursaries for female students. But changing freshman to fresh is an action that can literally be achieved overnight, and in so doing you stop any gender disenfranchisement brought about by the outdated term.

"My main point is: By ditching the 'man' from 'freshman' you end up ditching antiquated views of what a Trinity student is - which is a good thing!"