Trump baby balloon to fly over Ireland during US President's visit

Trump baby balloon to fly over Ireland during US President's visit

THE Trump baby blimp flown during the US President's recent trip to Britain will be reused by protesters during Donald Trump's visit to Ireland in November.

The balloon, which is six metres high, depicts President Trump wearing a nappy and holding a smartphone - a caricature of his perceived hypersensitivity and excessive Twitter usage.

Protests and demonstrations were immediately planned on Friday after the White House confirmed Mr Trump's two-day visit, which could coincide with the 100th anniversary of Armistice on November 11.

And it has now been confirmed that the Trump baby balloon will indeed take to the skies of Dublin during the US leader's controversial trip, reports the Irish Independent.

The UK campaigners behind the controversial blimp said the Irish trip was an "excellent opportunity" to "troll" the 72-year-old former reality star once again.

One of the organisers, Kevin Smith, told the paper: "We’d love to take the Trump baby over to Ireland for the President’s visit.

"When we passed our original crowd-funding target, we said we’d use the excess money to take the Trump baby wherever we could to globally troll Donald, and so this would be an excellent opportunity.

"We’ve been so inspired by all the people in the streets in Ireland that have been fighting for things like gay marriage and abortion rights, so we’re presuming there’s going to be a massive show of resistance to Trump’s politics of hate and division and it would be an honour for the Trump baby to be part of that."

Not everyone is a fan of the idea however, with some Irish people taking to social media to condemn the planned protest.

One Twitter user wrote: "I most definitely would shoot that monstrosity down, one of the most immature forms of protest I've ever seen".

Another added: "Can't we all just grow up? Ireland embarrassing itself yet again."

Elsewhere, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan - who is organising a demonstration on College Green against Mr Trump's visit on November 10 - said he would be meeting with activists today to come up with a plan of action for the protest.

"I'd like to do a candle-lit vigil but we're looking at all options," he said of the possibility of including the blimp in the protest.

"We want a less divisive, peaceful and more sustainable world," he tweeted.