Two charged after shock footage shows man dropkicking tent with homeless people inside

Two charged after shock footage shows man dropkicking tent with homeless people inside

TWO men have been charged after footage showing a man dropkicking a tent containing two homeless people sparked outrage.

The incident happened on Whitefriargate, Hull, England, on Friday, November 30.

Jake Mann, 29, of no fixed abode and Jamie Nickell, 26, of Addison Drive, Lincoln, were arrested yesterday and have today been charged with assault occasioning Actual Bodily Harm.


The shocking footage shows a man take a long run-up before launching himself feet first into the tent, while another man appears to film it on a mobile phone.

The two men inside the tent were fortunately uninjured.

Police say they have now been found more permanent accommodation.

“Once again I would like to thank all those who got in touch with information about this incident following our appeal earlier this week,” said Detective Chief Inspector Matthew Peach.

“With your help, we were quickly able to identify and arrest the suspects, who have now been charged with assault.

“We’re also continuing to work with and support the victims of the assault, who have now been found more permanent accommodation.”

Similar incidents

Mann and Nickell have been bailed to appear before Hull Magistrates’ Court on Monday, January 14.

Both are also barred from entering the city of Hull unless they are attending court.

A third man, who voluntarily spoke to officers in connection with the incident today, has been released without charge.

The case is just one of several similar recent incidents in which homeless people have been targeted.

Derbyshire Police today appealed for a victim to come forward after footage spread online of what appeared to be a homeless man being offered food before having it shoved in his face.

Meanwhile the Mirror reports today that a group of young women attacked a homeless man with a glass bottle in Liverpool, before taunting him with chants of ‘you've got no home’.