Two Texas men die after trying to jump their car over a drawbridge

Two Texas men die after trying to jump their car over a drawbridge

TWO men from Texas have died after they attempted to jump their car over an open drawbridge.

The incident occurred in the Black Bayou Bridge in Louisiana.

A witness said the car backed up slowly and then quickly accelerated forward, attempting to jump to other side of the drawbridge, which had apparently been raised to let a boat pass.

The car didn't make it to the other side however and plunged into the water below.

Both men inside were killed.

Witnesses told police that a passenger got out of the car, raised the arm of the gate to the bridge and then got back inside.

In a statement released earlier today, Louisiana Police said: "The driver drove under the gate and picked up the passenger before proceeding towards the ramp located at the end of the bridge.

"After stopping briefly, the driver placed the vehicle in reverse then accelerated forward in an attempt to 'jump' the ramp of the bridge.

"The vehicle became airborne, landed in the waterway, and sank to the bottom."

Investigators found the driver's body still inside the vehicle, while the passenger had managed to escape before dying.

The men, whose identities haven't been revealed, were pronounced dead at the scene though the cause of death is still unconfirmed.